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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are The Barefoot Planners?

We are a team of American coordinators with the freshest ideas & talents, and these characteristics (along with many others) truly show in each event we create. 

Our company is an eclectic team, with each person specializing in their own unique field. We work directly with our couples to create the most amazing, and magical weddings of their dreams. We are all Full Service planners, meaning that we handle every detail from getting you to Isla Mujeres, to creating an entire wedding week full of exciting and relaxing activities for you and your guests. We have built strong relationships with the most sought after vendors in the Yucatan- and we pride ourselves in accepting nothing but perfection for our couples. 

When are your office hours?

We typically operate during normal business hours and prefer to only accept client meetings during those times. Occasionally, weekend or evening availability may be an option, but as a general rule- we enjoy that time with our family. This is the best way to avoid burn out, allowing us to be our best for our clients

Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm (Cancun Time) 


Do I have to use vendors from your list?

No, not at all. But we sure do prefer it and here is why: they are tried and true… time and time again. We understand that your friend had a great experience with her florist and that your boss loved his cake. Anyone can rock it at least once. But ours nail it every time. We want to avoid the risk and construct a team of vendors that will work well together. Ones that communicate clearly and efficiently with our planners and with each other. Our vendor list includes a variety of price points, styles and so on. There is something for everyone!

How many weddings do you plan per season?

We cap ourselves at 25 weddings per season depending on the combination of services hired to provide. This allows us to fully commit ourselves to our clients when they are here on the island. Keep in mind, for most clients we aren't just planning a wedding day- we are crafting up an entire wedding weekend full of activities for them and their guests! 


I am pretty familiar with Isla, and due to my budget, I think I can plan this on my own and would like to hire you as a day of coordinator only- is this an option?

We are often asked if we provide “day of coordinating” and the answer is no, we do not. In reality, the service you are seeking doesn't actually exist anymore. You may still find start-ups that will do this but seasoned pros pull away from being responsible for executing an event that they were not at least minimally involved in planning. So many things can go wrong and their reputation is at stake. We pride ourselves on our exceptional planning skills and wedding day execution- and it simply won't be possible if we aren't a big part of the planning process.


How do I get to Isla Mujeres?

After flying into the Cancun airport, you will take a private van to the ferry dock. Once you board the ferry, it is a stunning (and quick!) 15 minute ride to the island. Once you get on the island, you can either hop in a taxi at the taxi stand outside, or simply walk to your hotel if it is nearby. There are no private transportation options on the island or car rentals. Taxis rule the transportation world here.


Should I use pesos or dollars?

US dollars are widely excepted across the island, however to ensure that you get the best exchange rate, we recommend paying in pesos when possible. Once you exit the ferry, there is an ATM directly across the street, as well as a cash exchange booth (there are many other ATM´s throughout the island though). Be sure to notify your bank that you are traveling to Mexico so that you don't have any issues using your debit/credit cards while in Mexico.


Can I drink the water?

The short answer is no- but there is more info to be shared. The water is purified, but it is extremely hard. All hotels and restaurants will provide you with filtered water and ice- no one will serve you tap water (even if it is in a glass and not a bottle). It is safe to rinse your produce in the water, and perfectly fine to brush your teeth with the tap water. But as a general rule of thumb- only drink bottled water.


Besides the beach, what can we do while there?

Isla has many things to offer, here are just a few of our favorites:

-Visit the Turtle Farm

-Visit Punta Sur (If you go there for sunrise, it is the first part of Mexico that the sun touches when it rises)

-Spend a day at Garaffon (Snorkeling, Pools, Ziplines, Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle boards + all you can eat and drink)

-Check out the local brewery, Isla Brew. Sample some of their beers, buy a shirt and a 6 pack to take to the beach.

-Go WingDiving

-The best thing to do on Isla is simply rent a golf cart and cruise the whole island. There are no bad parts to Isla, so take your time, take a wrong turn- and enjoy.


Is the island safe?

Yes! The media paints a very different picture of Mexico than what is happening there. Like all countries in the world, there are parts of Mexico that have problems, and there are parts of Mexico that are incredibly wonderful and safe. We happen to be in one of those great places. We recommend that when traveling (anywhere in the world) you keep an eye on your belongings. The majority of crimes that happen here are crimes of opportunity- you leave your iPhone on the dash of your golf cart, and someone will walk away with it. Apart from that, which can be avoided with just a little common sense, Isla is a really safe and easy island to explore, and we encourage you to get out and see it.


What if we forget something at home?

Located mid island is an awesome grocery store called Chedraui. This store is basically a mini Wal-Mart. They carry everything from clothes, swimsuits, TV´s, medicine, toys, alcohol, home goods and food/produce. You can find almost anything you need there. If it is more of a specialty item, don't forget that Cancun is only a ferry ride away. Located in Cancun is American style malls, Costco, Sam´s Club and more.

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